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released September 21, 2014




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Circus-P Wells, Maine

A Music producer from the USA that utilizes Vocaloid!!

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Track Name: WILDFIRE!!
It's above one hundred Farenheit
I can't tell if it's day or if it's night
It's burning unbelivably bright
I'm blinded by these flashing lights

my lungs are failing from inhaling
all the charcoal from this circle
of the hate and the lies

God, how dare you
It's unfair you
deny, ignite and
close your eyes

You think by now
That I would have learned
Not to play with fire
if I don't wanna get burned

But I'm a pyromaniac
And your veins are full of gas
you're burning higher, higher
I'm storming this wildfire

I am immune (WILDFIRE)
Because of you (WILDFIRE)
I'm fire proof (WILDFIRE)
Because of you (WILDFIRE)

One look at your face
brings down the human race
to their knees, to their knees
begging please, spare mercy

Then there's somebody
As charred and burnt as me
on their knees, on their knees
begging "more gasoline"



Strike a match and watch it burn
You set the world ablaze
But I'm the one that you blame
Fuel the flames and watch me burn
'Cause you have branded me, scorched me
Burnt every inch of me

Strike a match and watch it burn
I'll set the world ablaze
Since it's this game that you play
Fuel the flames of the pyre
And I will burn higher, burn brighter
fight fire with fire